Every Week is Banned Books Week at Internationalist Books!

Banned Books Week is September 30 – October 6th.

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This year’s Banned Books Week marks the week’s 30th anniversary. Thousands of individuals, institutions and community groups across the United States participate in Banned Books Week each year, and it has grown into a premier literary event and a national awareness and advocacy campaign against censorship. Folks participate with a variety of events and celebrate books that have been challenged or banned from libraries and schools, as well as discussing issues of censorship through history and in contemporary U.S. culture. More info can be found at bannedbooksweek.org.

As an independent collective bookstore and community center, Internationalist has existed since 1981 as a resource for a wide variety of materials ignored or repressed elsewhere, and as a space for political organizing and discussion of ideas. Spaces like ours are vital to communities who value the exchange of ideas and information and challenges to censorship in its many forms, past and present.


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