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“Doing Time for Peace” Book Event January 18th

Reading and book event with Rosalie Riegle, editor of the new book “Doing Time for Peace” at Internationalist Books, Friday, January 18th at 6 pm.
About “Doing Time for Peace”:

“In this compelling collection of oral histories, more than seventy-five peacemakers describe how they say no to war-making in the strongest way possible–by engaging in civil disobedience and paying the consequences in jail or prison. These courageous resisters leave family and community and life on the outside in their efforts to direct U.S. policy away from its militarism. Many are Catholic Workers, devoting their lives to the works of mercy instead of the works of war. They are homemakers and carpenters and social workers and teachers who are often called “faith-based activists.” They speak from the left of the political perspective, providing a counterpoint to the faith-based activism of the fundamentalist Right.
The voices range from a World War II conscientious objector to those protesting the recent war in Iraq. The book includes sections on resister families, the Berrigans and Jonah House, the Plowshares Communities, the Syracuse Peace Council, and Catholic Worker houses and communities.”

Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night in January – Birthday Cards and Support for Grand Jury Resisters and Pipeline Blockaders!

January’s Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night!

Wednesday, Jan. 16th

7 pm

Internationalist Books and Community Center


In addition to writing birthday cards to political prisoners with birthdays in January, we’ll be writing letters of support to grand jury resisters in the Northwest and blockaders of the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas.


New Year’s Eve Noise Demo Against Prisons

drums!December 31st, 7:30pm at the jail in downtown Durham, 217 South Mangum Street

Friends, family, and comrades,

For several years now, thousands of people have gathered on New Year’s Eve at jails and prisons around the world to show our solidarity with the struggles of those inside and our hatred for prisons and the world that creates them, and to dedicate the following year to abolishing this modern-day plantation system.

This year, folks from the triangle area will swarm on Durham’s downtown jail to show our love and support for that facility’s prisoners’ recent struggles (check out for more info), as well as for the myriad of other struggles going on around different facilities around North Carolina. All across NC prisoners are sharing radical ideas and literature, working to unite prisoners from different backgrounds, and protest their incarceration.

Most of this happens quietly and behind closed doors – but on New Year’s Eve, we will reflect their rage with our own cacophonous noise, reverberating loudly off the walls of Durham’s jail. Bring anti- prison banners and flags, drums, pots and pans, and anything that makes light and noise. Bring your hopes and visions for struggle in 2013, and your rage and anger for the prison system that locks up our friends, comrades, and family members.

See you there!
December 31st, 7:30pm at the jail in downtown Durham,217 S. Mangum St.
anti-prison comrades

Dec. 25th, Christmas Caroling at Central Prison

Christmas DemoTuesday, Dec 25th, 10am Christmas Caroling Outside Central Prison- Meet under the railroad trestle on Western Blvd. Enter Boylan Heights through Boylan Ave.

All are invited to the Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House annual Christmas morning witness and caroling at Central Prison at 10 A.M.  We will  rally around the perimeter of the prison on Christmas morning to sing carols.  River Rhythms will also be there to make a joyful noise. We hold a big Merry Christmas sign and bring the only cheer the inmates get on Christmas (The warden does not allow visiting on Christmas to give more guards the day off).  Singing starts around 10 am.  Believe me, this is a great way to remember what the season is about.  Peace and Blessings, Patrick O’Neill

New for 2013: an easy way to show your ongoing support of Internationalist Books!

We’re launching a new way for the wide community around Internationalist Books and Community Center to support our work and mission, with the Internationalist Sustainer program.

Internationalist Sustainers register to contribute a fixed monthly donation, rather than volunteering their time or making large one time gifts.

The benefits for the store are great. Sustainers take the uncertainty out of fundraising, providing a reliable source of income that helps us more accurately budget our resources. Over time, a reduced reliance on sporadic donations will improve the consistency of inventory and customer service, which in turn will increase our sales volume and self-sufficiency. Ultimately the combination of consistent community support and business growth will allow us to reinvest and improve in ways that can support our primary mission as a hub of ideas and activism in North Carolina.

For you, the benefits are also great. If you’ve always wanted to give the store but never had the resources to make a large donation, becoming a Sustainer is a fantastic way to keep your contribution manageable and still make a difference. Sustainers receive all the perks of traditional membership, including discounts, newsletters, free gifts, access to our event space, and a voice in the direction of the store. Unlike traditional membership, though, you never have to wonder if your dues are up to date or worry about annual renewals. You can change or cancel your monthly pledge at any time.

Most importantly, you’ll know that your support is a vital part of sustaining one of the oldest radical bookstores in the country.

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