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Dirty Energy Road Show March 29th

dirty energyThe Dirty Energy Road Show is an educational presentation examining the parallels of coal and nuclear issues and connecting them to other form of dirty energy and climate change. It also looks at work being done to transition us away from these dirty industries and towards a more sustainable and healthier future.

The purpose of this presentation is to educate communities and raise awareness about MTR, nukes and other forms of dirty energy, and their risks and consequences for surrounding communities and the world. We will focus primarily on the parallels between the nuclear fuel chain and the death cycle of coal. Some of the issues we will cover are dangers around the extraction process, the processing of fuel, using the fuel at power plants, climate change and severe storms, waste storage and impoundment failures, and radiation. We will also share stories of grassroots efforts to protect and safeguard communities, as well as information about current organizing initiatives and ways to get involved.

Hosted by Croatan Earth First!

ALL HANDS ON DECK 2! The Prison Books Collective needs your help on Sunday, March 24th

Pirate ship -- All hands on deck!The Internationalist Prison Books Collective needs your help! We’ve had some good luck recently and gotten tons of good books. However we’ve hovering around two months behind on letters and book requests. We need your help to catch up. All hands on deck for a special, fun, backlog clearing workday on Sunday, March 24th, 2013, starting at noon at the collective’s workspace at 621 Hillsborough Rd. in Carrboro. Clear your calendars, stay tuned to the Prison Books website for more details, and plan to be there to help us get back above water and send out books! If you can’t make it, but want to help, then please consider becoming a sustainer.

North American Tour of Greek Anti-Fascists Comes to Internationalist Books March 17th

We’ll be passing a hat for gas money. Bring $$ if you’ve got it.More Info Here:

As has been well documented in the media, the nation of Greece is in the throes of an economic meltdown. Austerity measures aimed at paying off an astronomical debt load have plunged the economy into a death spiral, and sparked nationwide protests and strikes. Unemployment is at 27 percent and climbing.

Much as the Nazis arose in Weimar Germany by exploiting similar economic conditions, Golden Dawn, an avowedly fascist political party, has been rapidly gaining power in Greece. Once an unimportant fringe group, Golden Dawn captured seven percent of the seats in parliament in the most recent election. Armed with government funding and the tacit cooperation of the police (many of whom are Golden Dawn members), fascists have adopted a
strategy of terrorizing Greece’s immigrant population while offering rudimentary social services restricted to Greek citizens. Continue reading

March 25-UNC Anarchist FAQ!‏

anarchist-flagsCome to the UNControllables’ Anarchist FAQ!
for those interested in living without permission
What UNC frat boys are saying about anarchists:
“They are petulant, short-sighted adolescents who are openly mocked and never accomplish anything.”
“Only oppressed in their imaginations.”
“Self-declared anarchist members (a term whose very nature defies itself and thus

speaks for the absurdity of the entire issue) of the UNControllables…”

Why direct action? Why occupy buildings? Can we really live without bosses, police, or capitalism?
Come find out at the UNControllables’ Anarchist FAQ!
Monday, March 25th
7:00 PM
FPG Union-Room 3503

Rhythms and Rainbows LGBTIQ Youth Program at Internationalist Books This Spring!

3-1 FlyerInternationalist Books and Community Center is excited to host an awesome project called Rhythms and Rainbows for an 8 week series of workshops this spring.

Rhythms and Rainbows is a free eight-session workshop focusing on the experiences of Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Intersex-Queer (LGBTIQ), Two-Spirit (2S), and Same-Gender-Loving (SGL) youth in the Triangle community. R&R is open to people of all identities, but will focus primarily on those who identity with these communities.

Through writing, spoken word, and discussion, participants will become more aware of themselves, their peers, and their surroundings. Program graduates will gain a better understanding of performance-based advocacy by first-hand participation.

Rhythms and Rainbows will consist of Saturday workshops from 10-11:30am, March 23rd-April 11th, at Internationalist Books and Community Center. Priority is given to people of color, lower socio-economic status, and/or disability status. Must be 13-19 to participate.

For more info, contact: