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Sunday Brunch Benefit at Curryblossom September 7th

Sunday Curryblossom Brunch
Featuring vegan and gluten free options from our Dosa menu

September 7th
At Vimala’s Curryblossom Café
431 W. Franklin St, in the Courtyard
Brunch from 11am-3pm.
Rarely open on Sundays, Curryblossom is opening its doors to benefit Internationalist Books and Community Center, a local non-profit bookstore and grassroots organizing resource center. After 18 years at its current location on W. Franklin St, Internationalist Books is beginning a 30-day fundraising campaign to support its move to a new location, 101 Lloyd St, in Carrboro.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy brunch-style dosas and uttapams, including specials like egg bhurji dosa, a typical Indian scrambled egg brunch fare, and tomato uttapam. Or click here to donate directly.


Sunday Brunch Menu

Thin crêpe made with fermented-rice-and-urad-dal batter and cooked with homemade ghee. Coconut chutney and sambar—a lentil-based vegetable soup—on the side. (GF)
Original Dosa. $8 (V by request.)
Masala Dosa with potato bhaji. $9 (V by request.)
Mysore Masala Dosa with potato bhaji and a special red chutney. $10 (V by request.)
Cheese Dosa. $9
Masala Cheese Dosa with potato bhaji. $10
Egg Bhurji Dosa with scrambled egg with onion, cilantro, green chili, and curryleaf. $10 (V by request.)
Chicken Dosa with grilled tandoori chicken. $10

Large Pancake made with rice and bean sourdough batter served with chutneys and
sambar.  Cooked with homemade ghee.  (GF)
Original Uttapam with onion and cilantro. $7 (V by request.)
Masala Uttapam with spicy potato and gun-powder crust. $9 (V by request.)
Green Chile Cheese Uttapam. $9
Mushroom Uttapam with sauteed onions and mushrooms. $10 (v by request)
Kimchee Uttapam with housemade vegan kimchee. $10 (v by request)
tomato Uttapam. $9 (v by request)
Bhurji Uttapam with scrambled egg with onion, cilantro, green chili, and curryleaf. $10
Chicken Cheese Uttapam with grilled tandoori chicken and cheese. $10

Mango, rose, salt or sweet Lassi. $4
Mango-sa. Mango juice and prosecco sparkling drink. $7
Hibiscus tea. Steeped sweet hibiscus flowers, chilled. $3
Lavender Lemonade. Fresh squeeze lemonade infused with house-brewed lavender essence. $3
Hot or iced Masala Chai. $3 (V by request.)
Malabar Coffee press pot. Shade-grown, bush ripened, organic, fair trade coffee roasted by Jessee’s Coffee. $2.50 (V by request.)
House special Herb tea. Mint, lavender, hibiscus and rose. $3

Bike-In Dinner & A Movie Benefit Sat Aug 30

On Saturday, August 30th bike-in to check out Internationalist Bookstore’s soon-to-be new space in Carrboro at 101 Lloyd St.  All proceeds go to help Internationalist move to the new space and build new bookshelves.  At 7 p.m., we’ll be serving a home-cooked Southern dinner including mashed potatoes with local mushroom gravy, hoppin’ john, and sauteed collared greens (all vegan), and lemon balm iced tea.  There will be popcorn and other concessions available.  The movie will start promptly at 8 p.m.  We’re asking each person for a suggested donation of $20 but whatever you can give is appreciated.  Members of Piedmont Earth First! and friends of Ibooks are hosting this event out of appreciation for the many years Internationalist has allowed us to host free events in their space.  Spread widely!

30-day Online Fundraiser

Internationalist Books and Community Center is moving to a new space! We need to move the bookstore to continue to thrive in our work, and we need our community’s help to make it possible. Your support will lay the groundwork for the future of this project: another 33 years to share stories of the past and to carve out space for the firebrands and troublemakers of our times.


We reach out to you with our deepest gratitude for any way you can contribute to the sustenance of Internationalist Books. Today we launch a month long fundraising campaign, ending on the date of our grand opening in the new space on Sunday, September 28th. With your help, we’re raising $15,500 in thirty days! Thank you, so much.

You can make tax-deductible donations online at our fundraising page.


What is the Internationalist?
Internationalist Books and Community Center, 501(c)(3), is a non-profit radical bookstore in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Since 1981 we have served as a hub for activism and local organizing, from anti-apartheid to anti-fracking. To sustain ourselves as a community resource, we stock a carefully chosen selection of new and used books, focusing on hard-to-find and marginalized publications. Our customers come to us to expand their horizons, delve deeper into their passions, and meet like-minded people. They leave more informed about vital happenings in their community.


Unlike most typical businesses, we consider it part of our purpose to welcome visitors regardless of identity or income. If you can’t afford a book, you can still access our library of essential titles, or simply relax for a while in our community space. As part of our commitment to maintain a Safer Space for marginalized groups, we have hosted a weekly Queer Youth Drop-In Night and with the NC Harm Reduction Coalition, a transgender discussion group. Our Prison Books program extends access to our resources to incarcerated people throughout the Southeast.


The Internationalist regularly hosts workshops, meetings, book clubs, film screenings, and author readings. In the last year alone, invited speakers have shared eyewitness accounts and political analysis from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, India, Israel, and Egypt. At home, we have offered successive generations of activists a tangible link to their past.


Purpose of the Campaign
In our over thirty years in Chapel Hill, the character of commerce has changed. Affordable retail space has been overrun by luxury developments and pricey boutiques, pushing out one after another of the town’s beloved fixtures. Under the same pressure, we started looking for a new location in 2008. Finally, we signed a lease this August on a storefront a few blocks west in Carrboro. Our move puts us within convenient reach of many of our long-term supporters while keeping us easily accessible from Chapel Hill.


Like many businesses, our options are to grow or get left behind. In the short term, our overhead costs will increase by 35% in the new location. By January, however, our new lease will give us better terms than the one we are leaving. To sustain ourselves financially in the long term, we need to pay for renovations to make our store inviting and useable, as well as an inventory expansion to increase our volume of sales. Additionally, we need funds for transition costs as we get up and running.


Here is the breakdown of how we’ll spend the money we raise:
·       $6000 will go to new inventory: books our loyal customers have asked about for years, new titles for the different audiences we’ll be attracting, a small drinks menu developed with our business partners, hard-to-find health products, posters, calendars, greeting cards, and of course bumper stickers.
·       $3000 will go to renovations: a finished 12’ ceiling, insulation, restroom plumbing, custom shelving, café tables and seating, interior and exterior paint, and artwork. Skilled professionals have committed to donate all labor, so we will open with a renovated space worth over twice this.
·       $3500 will cover transition costs: lost revenue from store closure while we move, a short period of rent obligations in both locations, and the difference in monthly overhead while sales increase from our new inventory.
·       $3000 will cover our new security deposit and first month’s rent.


As always, the Internationalist is only as strong as the community that supports it. Now, we need your support so we can survive and thrive for the coming decades. Please donate whatever you can to make our vision possible!
See you on Lloyd Street!

2nd Annual UNC Radical Rush Week Sept 2 – 11th

The UNControllables, an anarchist student group at UNC Chapel Hill, is proud to announce that the second annual Radical Rush Week will take place September 2-11, 2014.

Radical Rush Week is a time to find out about all the awesome activist, radical, and revolutionary groups at UNC and in the broader Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. There will be teach-ins, gatherings, and music; events on and off campus; and there may even bradical rushe some surprises! It’s a time to find each other.

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Second Annual Sliding Scale Sidewalk Sale!

Internationalist Books and Community Center is having another fall sidewalk sale with hundreds of books from our used and overstock inventory. This year it doubles as a fundraiser for our move to a new location!


The Sliding Scale Sidewalk Sale is your opportunity to get cool books and choose how much you want to pay to support the work of the Internationalist Books and Community Center, a 30 year old non-profit volunteer collective bookstore and community center. This fall we’ll be moving to a new location in Carrboro, so this will also be a great chance to come hang out at the shop in our last days at our Franklin St location and support the move.

You pick out the books and decide how much you want to pay for what you find! $1 minimum per book.

September 1 – 7th during store hours (M – Sat 12 – 9, Sun 12 – 6)

Internationalist Books and Community Center
405 W. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516