2nd Annual UNC Radical Rush Week Sept 2 – 11th

The UNControllables, an anarchist student group at UNC Chapel Hill, is proud to announce that the second annual Radical Rush Week will take place September 2-11, 2014.

Radical Rush Week is a time to find out about all the awesome activist, radical, and revolutionary groups at UNC and in the broader Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. There will be teach-ins, gatherings, and music; events on and off campus; and there may even bradical rushe some surprises! It’s a time to find each other.

We are also proud to announce this year’s Disorientation Guide, a program of all the events during Radical Rush Week as well as a resource guide that can be used for the rest of the semester. You can check it out here: http://uncontrollableschapelhill.tumblr.com/post/94696172428 You can pick up printed copies of the Disorientation Guide, plus other Radical Rush Week promotional materials at the UNControllables table this Sunday at 8:00 PM, at Fall Fest on South Road.


TUESDAY (9/2): “But Do You Feel Empowered?”: Feminist Frameworks in Sex Work Discourse (7 pm; FPG Student Union room 3408)
A nuanced discussion on sex work (and the ways we talk about sex work) by an anarchist-feminist stripper.

WEDNESDAY (9/3): Counter-Mapping UNC (6 pm; FPG Student Union room 3408)
A mapping workshop (and game!) to collectively explore various issues facing the university today and the university’s role in the community, and to begin imagining what other universities are possible.

THURSDAY (9/4): subMedia.tv: A Decade of Subversion (7 pm; FPG Student Union room 3408)
Come see how subMedia.tv has been subverting the internet with their anarchist videos for the past 10 years!

A talk on how we got into this mess (this prison-house of nations) and why it is directly connected to the challenge of “penile” and penal abolition.

ALSO FRIDAY (9/5): Radical Rush Punk Show with RUBRICS, CORPORATE HERPES, and MORE TBA (9 pm; Nightlight 405 W Rosemary St, Chapel Hill)

SATURDAY (9/6): Carrboro Really Really Free Market (2 pm; Carrboro Town Commons)
Carrboro’s RRFM started in 2005, just after the anti-globalization movement and the creation of other RRFMs. The RRFM is horizontally organized and adamantly anti-capitalist. One of the pro-active ways we can resist capitalism is by engaging in community events such as this, where we create a temporary gift economy.

SUNDAY (9/7): Internationalist Prison Books Packing Day (1 pm; 621 Hillsborough Road, Carrboro, NC 27510)
Come fill out prisoner requests for books and educational materials. This is a great way to show solidarity with those suffering the racism and brutality of the US prison system.

MONDAY (9/8): Anarchy Across Latin America and Africa (7 pm; FPG Student Union room 3408)
Two members of the UNControllables studied abroad last semester and used the opportunity to learn about resistance movements and anarchism in other countries. Come check out a slideshow presentation chock full of graffiti, videos of riots, and great stories from Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Morocco!

TUESDAY (9/9): The Police State in North Carolina (7:30 pm; FPG Student Union room 3408)
From Occupy to the anti-war movement to the anti-globalization movement to the civil rights movement, police in North Carolina have spied on activists through undercover officers, surveillance cameras, and Facebook profiles. Journalist Eric Ginsburg will go into detail about the tactics used against activists in North Carolina. There will be a discussion afterwards about the specific kinds of repression UNC uses against troublemakers.

WEDNESDAY (9/10): A Conversation on Occupy and Its Futures with Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzelini, Authors of New Book: They Can’t Represent Us! Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy. (6pm; Peace and Justice Plaza)

THURSDAY (9/11) Rethinking Democracy and Representation: Occupy and Beyond, a Conversation with Marina Sitrin, Dario Azzelini, Michael Hardt, Liz Mason Deese, and others (12:30-2pm; Fedex Global Education Center Room 4003)

If you would like to contribute to Radical Rush Week, we are always in need of help (especially when it comes to printing our materials). Just get in touch! We also encourage others to host their own events during Radical Rush Week-storm the pit during lunchtime and perform Howard Zinn’s “Emma,” hoist banners with inspiring anti-capitalist slogans across campus, hold a guerrilla workshop on DIY healthcare in the grass or do whatever else you can imagine to transform UNC into a hotbed of resistance and creativity!

You can find the full schedule of Radical Rush Week activities on our website or Facebook, which is included below. We hope to see you there!
-The UNControllables

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