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Fundraising Update: 5 Days To Go!

It’s almost here! We’ve all been scrambling to get the old store packed up and the new store ready for opening day. New paint on the walls, new art to make it feel like home, new construction for storage and retail… it’s hard to believe, but it’s all coming together.

The crew finished major renovations at Lloyd Street yesterday. You have to see it to believe the transformation. We’ll be continuing to work on smaller projects this fall as we get more feedback from volunteers and customers. Be sure to let us know what you like and what else you’d love to see in the space this year!

On Saturday, a dozen musicians from Menteur set up outside on Lloyd Street for an impromptu performance to welcome us to the neighborhood. We know the music festival’s not till Sunday, but we were too excited to wait!

The business strategy meeting on Sunday was small but generative. Stay tuned during opening week for a full report on our new directions.

With all the activity going on, there’s one very important message that can’t get lost in the shuffle. We need funds! We’ve already raised several thousand dollars, but this week we want to triple that so we can stock all the wonderful titles that our community wants to see. Remember, we stayed in our last location for almost twenty years, maintaining this project through the rough spots with nothing but hard work and determination. We want to be on Lloyd Street for another twenty years, and we can only do it with your help. Please check out our donations page today, and contribute whatever you can to help us start the new store right.

That’s all for now. We’ll see you soon in Carrboro!

-The Fundraising Committee

Closing & Relocating 9/21 – 9/27

We can’t believe it, but it’s almost time to make the big move!

ibooksstorefrontrecentInternationalist Books and Community Center will be closed from Sunday, Sept 21 – Saturday, Sept 27 as we pack up and move over to our new space in Carrboro.

Make sure to come by this week to say goodbye to our beloved Franklin St shop, and keep an eye out for fun ways to plug in and help with the move next week.


Open Meeting: Future Of the Business

This Sunday, September 21, join us for a special presentation on the financial health and business strategy of the Internationalist.

In an era of internet mega-retailers and skyrocketing real estate prices, a small local bookstore might seem like an anachronism. Combine that with a volunteer run non-profit structure, and you face a unique set of challenges. But at Internationalist Books we also see a unique set of opportunities. Come learn more about our plans in our new location, and share your ideas about creating a sustainable future for a project we all love.

Sunday, September 21 | 2:00 p.m. | 101 Lloyd St., Carrboro

Fundraising Update: 17 Days To Go!

The donations are finally rolling in for our move to Lloyd Street! In the last week donors have contributed over $2000 through our online fundraising page. There’s still a long way to go, but if our community of supporters keeps up the pace, we can look forward to a financially viable project for many years to come. If you haven’t made an online donation yet, now’s a great time to check out the page. Every little bit counts!

Sunday brunch at Curryblossom was a smash success! Between food revenues and donations, we raised almost $900! Chef Rajendran was on the scene whipping up beautiful dosa and uttapam platters, while Curryblossom baristas made their famous specialty drinks for the hungry mid-day crowd. Internationalist volunteers rounded out the staff and kept everything running smoothly. Many thanks to all who helped!

Inspired by the success of brunch, we’re teaming up with the Rajendrans again later this fall for a very special Gala Benefit Dinner. The full Curryblossom team will be in the kitchen preparing specialty plates featuring seasonal local ingredients. Internationalist staff will be on hand to answer questions about the move and share our visions for the future of the store. There’s even a rumor that musicians from the Paperhand Orchestra will make an appearance in the courtyard! Dinner tickets can be purchased in advance at Curryblossom or Internationalist Books.

The renovations crew has kept up the hard work at our new space. We now have our full set of retail bookshelves painted and ready to install. Next up are storage shelves, a new magazine rack, and some interior signage to help unfamiliar customers navigate all we have to offer. Pictures coming soon!

Our Business Strategy Panel has been rescheduled for Sunday, September 21 at 2:00, so that we can make sure the word gets out to everyone who wants to be there. We know how important the input of our community will be for a successful move, and we want to see as many of you as possible! Sorry for any inconvenience the postponement may cause.

Now that we’re entering into the second half of our fundraising campaign, updates and announcements will be coming even more frequently. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook, sign up for our members’ listserv, and keep checking this page. Remember to visit our fundraising site, and if you’re worried about your budget, just send us $10 or $20 for now. We’ll see you soon!

-The Fundraising Committee

Inspired by Liberation Gala Dinner

By popular request, we are rescheduling the Inspired by Liberation Gala Dinner for a later date in the fall to truly celebrate the opening of Internationalist Books after we open our doors in our new location in Carrboro.

Many Ibooks members, volunteers, and staff are so busy finishing the renovations and design on the new space, putting together our expanded inventory, and organizing an exciting schedule of events for the fall, that they want to wait to celebrate with such an extravagant event until the dust settles a little and we’re more situated in the new space.

To find out more about what’s going on with the move and business plans for the future of Internationalist Books, come to an open meeting this Sunday September 21 at 2pm at our new space at 101 Lloyd St in Carrboro.

If you want to help with the move, stay posted for more details about a bike parade down Franklin St to move the store!

Many thanks to all those who have donated small and large contributions to help fund this move so far. Your support has always and will always be integral to what we are capable of doing. Please check out our online fundraising page to help us reach our $15500 goal in the next ten days!


GalaPhotoUpcoming Fall Gala Dinner

Come share an unforgettable night of fine food and music while we celebrate the Internationalist’s upcoming move tCarrboro. A special menu will feature seasonal creations from the table of Chef Vimala Rajendran. Indelible flavors inspired by the tropical foods of her home state, Kerala, will mix with locally grown, farm-fresh ingredients for a not-to-be missed experience.

$45 for one, $75 for two.

Or donate directly at our fundraising page.