“Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads” Book Tour October 10th

Topside Press Author Tour with Sybil Lamb and Casey Plett

7:00 pm
Friday, Oct. 10th

Sybil Lamb is a painter, novelist, zinester, website designer, comic-book artist and general five-in-one folding travel-format genius. Her new novel, I’ve Got A Time Bomb, follows Sybil’s eponymous heroine, Sybil, on a picaresque odyssey through the degenerate substructure of Amerika and Canadia, from the utter destruction of post-hurricane Morteville (New Orleans) to the glittering towers and underground nightclubs of Great Metropolitopolis. As she deals with the brain damage given her by a savage trans-bashing in a train yard, Sybil is also in search of ice cream, a real bed to sleep in and, most of all, love. By turns wildly funny, utterly terrifying and so sad that tears just seem inadequate, IGTB is unlike any book by anyone, ever. Sybil’s readings from it are also unlike any readings ever by anyone. They have to be seen to be believed.

Casey Plett has an MFA from Columbia, used to write a column for McSweeney’s, and works out of the tradition of subtle, meticulously-observed stories established by writers like Lorrie Moore and Alice Munro. What she does with that tradition is another question. Witty, unflinching and passionate, the assiduously-crafted depictions of the lives of young trans women and their communities in her new book, A Safe Girl To Love will not only break your heart, they will also cause you to question all your assumptions about what, exactly, “normal” means these days. Casey’s readings are riveting, emotionally intense experiences but they also contain a surprising number of very funny jokes.