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Support the Unist’ot’en indigenous pipeline blockade! Teach-In and Fundraiser, January 29

Support the Unist’ot’en indigenous pipeline blockade!

Teach-In and Fundraiser, Thursday January 29th at 7:00pm.

The Unist’ot’en, a clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation have built permanent camps that stand 578203_446104028797181_1596896284_ndirectly in the path of oil and gas pipelines currently proposed to run through Unist’ot’en territory in so called BC Canada. As long as they stand, no pipelines can be built. There will be a video presentation by a member of Marcellus Shale Earth First! followed by a discussion about the eco-cidal expansion of tar sands and shale gas projects on turtle island.



MERMUTANTS! The Future of Florida, Theater of the Trashpocalypse, February 5

The Future of Florida
Theater of the Trashpocalypse
A multimedia collaborative puppet show!mermutant

The oceans have risen, swallowing up all but Florida’s highest hill. As the surviving humans scramble to stay above sea level, sea people thrive below, in the toxic neon slime of the ocean. Through puppetry, storytelling, and original music, Mermutants! explores the dystopian gated community of the last humans, the colorful underwater world of feral mermutants, singing clams, and the bottom-dwelling sea witch, and the garbage-laden shoreline where their worlds collide.

This post-apocalyptic fantasy features natural curiosities and natural disasters, transpeciation and transformation, regeneration and regurgitation.

$5+ suggested donation at the door

The Mermutants are:
Krissy Abdullah
Chelsea Kamm
Ariel Harris-Porada
ellen degenerate
Lazer Goese
Kristal Shaver (aka DJ Krustation)


Calling for Acts & Pies for the 3rd Annual Internationalist Cabaret

We’ve set a date for the 3rd annual Internationalist Cabaret!

Join us on Friday, February 27th for an evening filled with puppetry, dance, music, stand up, skits, a local pie red-megaphoneauction, and more. All proceeds of this volunteer-run benefit will go directly to Internationalist Books. The Cabaret has become a favorite yearly tradition, and is one of our most important annual fundraisers.

We’re now looking for volunteers to perform acts, make pies, and assist with the event. Email us at ibooks(at) if you’re interested!


Accepting Nominations for the 2015 Bob Sheldon Award

Each year we give the Bob Sheldon Award on the anniversary of Bob’s death to celebrate his memory and legacy, and to celebrate collective resistance and groups or individuals whose work nurtures our communities and our commitments to justice.bob_sheldon

If you have a nomination for a group or project from the past year that you think should be honored in this way, please email us at ibooks(at)

2014 Bob Sheldon Award – The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL)

2013 Bob Sheldon Award – Organizers in NC Prisons


Internationalist Books T-Shirt Design Contest!

It’s a new year, we’re in a new space, and it’s time for a new look!unnamed (1)

We’re having a t-shirt design contest, with the winning design being printed on our next run of t-shirts and the winning artist receiving a $50 gift certificate to the shop (and our undying gratitude!).

The deadline for submissions is February 26th. We’ll put submitted designs on display at the 3rd Annual Internationalist Cabaret on February 27th for input from attendees.

Email ibooks for more information!