Why I Love Internationalist Books

Internationalist Books isn’t really a bookstore.

Okay, so when you walk into Ibooks, yes, one of the first things you see is our amazing, hand-picked collection of radical literature from independent publishers all over the country spanning topics that are historical, academic, practical, and that engage with current events. However, Ibooks is also a place to get news about local organizing and community events, a youth drop-in center, and an event space hosting talks, workshops, reading groups, and more.

firstpurchaseregisterSince its early days, Ibooks has been an important place for people—especially young people—to find themselves. Countless folks who grew up as teenagers or young adults in this town have stories to share about the ways that books, conversations, or events at Ibooks helped them to become the feminist, queer, radical, political, communist, anarchist, weird versions of themselves that they needed a little room, and a little support, to find. Again and again, we hear people tell us that Internationalist Books was essential to their survival as a misfit teen. And so we recognize that the books are just one part of the important role that Ibooks plays in carving out space for the developing parts of all of us; we strive to connect people who come into the store to histories of resistance in this area and to a future for people who care about each other and the ecosystems we depend on.

Ibooks has never been just about the books, and now in a culture that increasingly places value on electronic over print media, that’s not where all the money comes from either. To keep the doors open, Ibooks relies on fundraisers, sustaining members, and one-time donations. Internationalist Books is its best version of itself only when people from all walks of life help to create and sustain the programs and events at the store.


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Come out to Internationalist Books’ Open House Party, Thursday Jan 22 from 5-9pm at 101 Lloyd St in Carrboro— to celebrate 33 years as an independent bookstore and community center and to dream our way into the future. Join us in our new location!