MERMUTANTS! The Future of Florida, Theater of the Trashpocalypse, February 5

The Future of Florida
Theater of the Trashpocalypse
A multimedia collaborative puppet show!mermutant

The oceans have risen, swallowing up all but Florida’s highest hill. As the surviving humans scramble to stay above sea level, sea people thrive below, in the toxic neon slime of the ocean. Through puppetry, storytelling, and original music, Mermutants! explores the dystopian gated community of the last humans, the colorful underwater world of feral mermutants, singing clams, and the bottom-dwelling sea witch, and the garbage-laden shoreline where their worlds collide.

This post-apocalyptic fantasy features natural curiosities and natural disasters, transpeciation and transformation, regeneration and regurgitation.

$5+ suggested donation at the door

The Mermutants are:
Krissy Abdullah
Chelsea Kamm
Ariel Harris-Porada
ellen degenerate
Lazer Goese
Kristal Shaver (aka DJ Krustation)