An Educational Photo tour in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very unique city in terms of the type of locations to shoot. It’s doesn’t actually come with iconic landmarks like all the other famous places. But this is indeed something that makes shooting in Melbourne, a must and a will. Its landscape is a great space to shoot with a wide angled lens. Shooting along its cityscape makes up for great photographs, and can really test out your photo compositions. 

As an emerging or just a passionate individual to Photography, here are some spots in Melbourne that can give you a good photo spot, after all, taking your own photos is much more than to hire photo booth in Melbourne especially.

More to Melbourne

Brington Beach Boxes. Brighton Beach is recognized for its iconic styled wooden bathing boxes. It is so picturesque that any visitor would likely want to give it a try. Shooting here is great for sunset shots since the light given off in that time illuminates the boxes giving it a more pop of color and mood.

St Kilda Pier. Framing is everything in this location, your motivation to shoot here will start with the right composition of the walk aisles it can definitely give you a “wow” photograph. Especially when taken in a time that makes the water alongside the pier a good glow and effect.

Melbourne’s Yarra River. For any photographer, what better view is there than the natural beauty of nature itself. Located in the view of the Observatory Hills down Lower Fort Street, the Yarra River is such a sight and better one through a wide angle lens. With this view being such an amazing one, forget about composition and framing, just take a picture and see how nature framed this itself.

Melbourne City. Last, on our A-list is, of course, the city itself, capture great vibes, the people, the community, and everything that is Melbourne here. Enjoy and feed your eyes with so many pleasant streets, architecture, and culture here. Photography in Melbourne’s city will surely give a story to tell.

A Quick Tour to the City of Melbourne


Learning Photography is limitless, going cities that offer so many sites can be such a great start to learning more about the craft or enhancing the skill you already have.