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The Internationalist Sustainer program is a newer option for members to support the work of Internationalist Books and Community Center. Internationalist Sustainers register to contribute a fixed monthly donation.

The benefits for the store are great. Sustainers take the uncertainty out of fundraising, providing a reliable source of income that helps us more accurately budget our resources. Over time, a reduced reliance on sporadic donations will improve our ability to build capacity in our work as a community center, and stability in the business we run to keep our projects going.

For you, the benefits are also great. If you’ve always wanted to give the store but never had the resources to make a large yearly donation, becoming a Sustainer is a fantastic way to keep your contribution manageable and still make a difference. Sustainers receive all the perks of traditional membership, including discounts, newsletters, ability to use our space to book events and meetings, and a voice in the direction of the store. Unlike traditional membership, though, you never have to wonder if your dues are up to date or worry about annual renewals. You can change or cancel your monthly pledge at any time. Most importantly, you’ll know that your support is a vital part of sustaining one of the oldest radical bookstores in the country.

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