Practice Safe Parkouring

I have been a hardcore parkour fan in the previous years and I have learned about harms and hazards in the challenging way. I have back pain and diminished ligaments because of twisting my legs for 4 or 6 days in couple of months.

Why did this occur?

While I think of it, a lot of what occurred was actually not needed and may be prevented if I’d done several things otherwise, and not only could I have been hurt, but I’d maintain better physical form combined with better skills at parkour.

  • Primarily, I did not have any teachers that stressed the value of stretches. Parkour is a very active field and warmups are all CRITICAL. In case individuals that train tennis or basketball can perform appropriate warmups prior to their coaching then individuals as traceurs MUST as well.
  • Second, I did not care about my landings. For whatever reason I found it more difficult to do with inappropriate shoes. The reason was I did not think about getting parkour sneakers. Normal sneakers would not provide cushioning, stability and sensitivity. You can get an idea of which shoes to buy here: i found in this site:

What you should do:

  1. 10 – 20 minute warmups before you begin practicing, and gradually progress towards the harder things the conclusion of your coaching session.
  2. Concentrate on producing perfect landing methods, that’s definitely the most essential characteristic of your parkour training. Watch here: