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Internationalist Books and Community Center is Moving!

Internationalist Books is moving and we need your help!

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Internationalist Books and Community Center has been an invaluable part of our community since 1981. We are moving from our current location on Franklin St to Carrboro. Our new space will give us a better ability to host programs, projects and events, and make us better able to keep Internationalist strong and growing into the future. This move is a huge undertaking, and a huge leap of faith. We need our community’s support to make this move successful. Please donate whatever you can to pay for the costs of renovations, new bookshelves and furniture, and to help us weather the financial impact of a big move and establish ourselves firmly in our new home. We also want to invite our community to help with workdays in the new space, help us spread the word, and help us with a vision for our new space and the amazing ways our work can grow through this move.

This opportunity has presented itself in a way where we had to seize the moment quickly, so we’ll be announcing big fundraising events in the near future. In the meantime, there are lots of ways to donate and help us spread the word!

Internationalist Books is Moving! Fundraising Page on EverRibbon

You can make donations through our PayPal

This would be an excellent time to join us as a Sustaining Member!

If you’d like to help us in other ways, like donating materials, helping with workdays, or hosting a fundraiser, please be in touch! You can email us at

Our overjoyed manager in front of our future home, 101 Lloyd St in Carrboro!

This Month’s Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night April 16th!

The Internationalist Prison Books Collective brings you this month’s Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night!


Wednesday, April 16th, 7:00pm

Write letters and birthday cards to political prisoners whose birthdays fall during the month of April.

Bring snacks and money to help with postage!

Letter writing is an easy way to let these people know they aren’t forgotten. If you can’t make it to the letter writing night then please send a birthday card from home.

Recently freed political prisoner Eddie Conway, when asked by Amy Goodman what gave him hope for the 44 years he was in prison, said
“Well, I appreciate you asking me that, because I want to take this opportunity to thank the tens of thousands of people that have supported me over the years and that have sent letters, postcards, marched, rallied, organized across America, around the world. Those letters, postcards, rallies, marches, organizing, etc., gave me hope, gave me encourage, gave me energy, and kept my spirit high. And it made me know that I was loved. And that same love needs to go out to the other political prisoners that remain locked up today for almost 40 years, most of them. And one of them is a little over 44 years. They need to have that same kind of support, that same kind of encouragement and that same kind of work to help get them free, because I think when you know that people work and love you, then you can do work yourself. And I think those are what political prisoners are doing, work in their particular areas, and they need to be encouraged to do that by people coming out and giving them that kind of support that I got.”

“The Failure of Nonviolence” Reading Group, April 7th, 14th, & 21st

Join us for a reading group on Peter Gelderloos’ brilliant new book:

“The failurefrontcoverFailure of Nonviolence: From Arab Spring to Occupy”

Email to reserve your copy of the book, or for more information.

The readings and meetings will be split into three sections:

Monday, April 7th at 7:00pm (pgs 11 – 97)

Monday, April 14th, at 7:00pm (pgs 98 – 215)

Monday, April 21st, at 7:00pm (pgs 216 – 281)

About the book: Read more…

Calling for Acts and Pies! The Internationalist Cabaret is Coming February 28th!

Last year’s Internationalist Cabaret & Pie Auction Benefit was a blast – and it was a huge support to the financial ability of Internationalist to keep the doors open for another yeaibooks-sticker-logo-through-the-heart-of-the-south1.bmpr of important programs, events, and resources. We loved it so much, we’re doing it again! We’ll be working with our friends at The Nightlight to return to their awesome space on February 28th to put on a show that rivals last year’s.

Join us in this new tradition to celebrate our amazing community, to support the work of Internationalist Books and Community Center, and to celebrate the life of Bob Sheldon by presenting an award in his memory.  We want puppet shows, dances, music, stand-up acts, skits…

We are now seeking acts for the cabaret and bakers for pies! If you are interested in participating, let us know at ibooks (at)

We will also be announcing this year’s recipient of the Bob Sheldon Award at the Cabaret, as we did last year. We love celebrating Bob’s life and vision in the company of so many friends and community members. We are taking nominations from the membership and volunteer collective now, and we look forward to announcing the award in February.


The Soldier and the Refusenik: Anarchists against the Wall

aatwSaturday, December 14th at 7pm at Internationalist Books Free, but donations strongly encouraged

Eran Efrati and Maya Wind share their experiences resisting the Annexation Wall Israel is building in Occupied West Bank, the joint Palestinian-Israeli struggle for justice and equality, and efforts to educate the Israeli public about the occupation.

A national advocacy/fundraising tour for the legal fund that sustains the Israeli/Palestinian peace movement’s lawyers, representing Palestinian, Israeli and International activists who get arrested during demonstrations and other direct actions.

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