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Events for January 22 International Day of Trans Prisoner Solidarity

jan22 Events at Internationalist Books & Community Center for the first annual Day of Trans Prisoner Solidarity:

Trans Discussion Group Letter Writing Night
The Trans Discussion Group will write postcards and letters to trans prisoners during their regular meeting on January 20. This meeting is the closed meeting for January (only for folks who identify as trans/genderqueer/gender non-conforming or questioning). Trans Discussion Group meets twice monthly at Internationalist, alternating between closed and open meetings.

Letter Writing, Resource Share & Art Making
January 22, 7:00pm
The Internationalist collective will host an open letter writing, resource sharing and art making night to write to trans prisoners, share information about cases and organizations supporting trans prisoners and fighting prisons, and make art and flyers to bring visibility to these resources in the community.

Resisting Federal Surveillance & State Repression: Presentation by Leslie James Pickering November 6th

Resisting Federal Surveillance & State Repression: The Case of Leslie James Pickering, the Earth Liberation Front Press Office & Burning Books

Join us at 7pm on Thursday, November 6th as Internationalist Books hosts Leslie James Pickering for a presentation on his activism and surveillance and repression.

wirA decade after being under heavy federal surveillance for exercising free speech in support of the underground Earth Liberation Front, Leslie James Pickering discovered that his associates are being questioned by the FBI, the US Post Office is copying his incoming mail, he was put on a secret list for maximum security screening at airports and a federal grand jury subpoena was issued for records on him, his family and his bookstore, Burning Books. Leslie has launched an extensive legal and public campaign to resist this surveillance, which he believes is aimed to repress Burning Books and the surge of activism and awareness that the bookstore generates. This multimedia presentation will open eyes to methods used by the federal government to repress activists and freedom struggles, and how they can be resisted.


Internationalist Books and Community Center is Moving!

Internationalist Books is moving and we need your help!

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Internationalist Books and Community Center has been an invaluable part of our community since 1981. We are moving from our current location on Franklin St to Carrboro. Our new space will give us a better ability to host programs, projects and events, and make us better able to keep Internationalist strong and growing into the future. This move is a huge undertaking, and a huge leap of faith. We need our community’s support to make this move successful. Please donate whatever you can to pay for the costs of renovations, new bookshelves and furniture, and to help us weather the financial impact of a big move and establish ourselves firmly in our new home. We also want to invite our community to help with workdays in the new space, help us spread the word, and help us with a vision for our new space and the amazing ways our work can grow through this move.

This opportunity has presented itself in a way where we had to seize the moment quickly, so we’ll be announcing big fundraising events in the near future. In the meantime, there are lots of ways to donate and help us spread the word!

Internationalist Books is Moving! Fundraising Page on EverRibbon

You can make donations through our PayPal

This would be an excellent time to join us as a Sustaining Member!

If you’d like to help us in other ways, like donating materials, helping with workdays, or hosting a fundraiser, please be in touch! You can email us at

Our overjoyed manager in front of our future home, 101 Lloyd St in Carrboro!