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Anti-Patriarchy Reading & Discussion Group

Adding to our array of regular events and meetings, a new reading and discussion group begins this April at Internationalist Books.

On 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 8:00pm, the Anti-Patriarchy Reading Group and Anarchist Salon will meet to discuss different texts.

April’s reading is Quiet Rumors. Come by the shop or check out the calendar and Facebook for updates on future selections and meetings.


Support the Unist’ot’en indigenous pipeline blockade! Teach-In and Fundraiser, January 29

Support the Unist’ot’en indigenous pipeline blockade!

Teach-In and Fundraiser, Thursday January 29th at 7:00pm.

The Unist’ot’en, a clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation have built permanent camps that stand 578203_446104028797181_1596896284_ndirectly in the path of oil and gas pipelines currently proposed to run through Unist’ot’en territory in so called BC Canada. As long as they stand, no pipelines can be built. There will be a video presentation by a member of Marcellus Shale Earth First! followed by a discussion about the eco-cidal expansion of tar sands and shale gas projects on turtle island.



MERMUTANTS! The Future of Florida, Theater of the Trashpocalypse, February 5

The Future of Florida
Theater of the Trashpocalypse
A multimedia collaborative puppet show!mermutant

The oceans have risen, swallowing up all but Florida’s highest hill. As the surviving humans scramble to stay above sea level, sea people thrive below, in the toxic neon slime of the ocean. Through puppetry, storytelling, and original music, Mermutants! explores the dystopian gated community of the last humans, the colorful underwater world of feral mermutants, singing clams, and the bottom-dwelling sea witch, and the garbage-laden shoreline where their worlds collide.

This post-apocalyptic fantasy features natural curiosities and natural disasters, transpeciation and transformation, regeneration and regurgitation.

$5+ suggested donation at the door

The Mermutants are:
Krissy Abdullah
Chelsea Kamm
Ariel Harris-Porada
ellen degenerate
Lazer Goese
Kristal Shaver (aka DJ Krustation)


Internationalist Books Members & Friends Open House, January 22

Internationalist Books Open House
Thursday, Jan 22nd 5-9pm
101 Lloyd St in Carrboro

Come celebrate with us in our new home!

After 18 years on Franklin St in downtown Chapel Hill, Internationalist Books and Community Center moved this September to its new location in Carrboro. After a lot of hard work, we now have room to grow, an energizing space for meetings and reading groups, and much easier parking. To thank everyone for their long hours laboring and their generous donations, we’re throwing a party! If you haven’t yet gotten to see our new beautiful space–and especially if you come regularly to shop or visit–come celebrate with us at our open house._ml_p2p_pc_badge_taller2

We’re cooking up a spread of drinks and snacks, showcasing the highlights from our big move, and taking care of a little business. This is going to double as our annual Members’ Meeting, so whenever you drop by be sure to read our managers’ report from the year and cast a vote for our new board of directors. We’ll also be asking for your ideas, dreams, and visions for the store’s future in this new space–so come with your creative brilliance in hand!

This is an exciting transition time in our 33 year history. For decades, Internationalist Books has given youth a space of their own while connecting them to generations past, a legacy that few local institutions can claim. With an eye to the future, we’re reaching out to everyone who has been touched by that history, past and present. Bring your parents, your children, your families, and your friends, and let’s get ready for the next thirty years together!

If you’re interested in serving on the next Board of Directors or volunteering at the new store, email for more details. If you’re interested in becoming a monthly sustainer, sign up here


Ariana Vigil reads from her new book War Echoes December 4th

Thursday, Dec. 4th at 7:00pm
Internationalist Books
101 Lloyd St. in Carrboro

warechoesWar Echoes examines how Latina/o cultural production has engaged with U.S. militarism in the post–Viet Nam era. Analyzing literature alongside film, memoir, and activism, Ariana E. Vigil highlights the productive interplay among social, political, and cultural movements while exploring Latina/o responses to U.S. intervention in Central America and the Middle East. These responses evolved over the course of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries—from support for anti-imperial war, as seen in Alejandro Murguia’s Southern Front, to the disavowal of all war articulated in works such as Demetria Martinez’s Mother Tongue and Camilo Mejia’s Road from Ar Ramadi. With a focus on how issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality intersect and are impacted by war and militarization, War Echoes illustrates how this country’s bellicose foreign policies have played an integral part in shaping U.S. Latina/o culture and identity and given rise to the creation of works that recognize how militarized violence and values, such as patriarchy, hierarchy, and obedience, are both enacted in domestic spheres and propagated abroad.