Why volunteer?

Internationalist Books & Community Center has been open for more than 30 years and has been an important part of thousands of people’s lives. We are a friendly, open community. We are a meeting place for radical minded folk of all stripes and colors. We are anti-sexist, anti-racist organizers, compassionate activists, caring teachers, and creative artists. The bookstore is what we make it, and is ultimately a collective project. Volunteers can be a part of such wonderful things as:

  • Organizing workshops for local activists to learn important skills
  • Teach-ins on important issues like anti-prison struggles, fighting sexism, earth liberation movements and more
  • Tabling at local events to sell merchandise and spread the word about the Internationalist
  • Networking with community groups to help support their work and sponsor events
  • Adopting a section of the store to help find great new books and advertise them

What do volunteers do?

The Internationalist Bookstore is run by volunteers, board members, and staff who each play a slightly different role in the daily operations. People can volunteer in different ways:

  1. Shift Volunteers:
    Shift volunteers commit to working one or more weekly three-hour shifts, sometimes sharing that shift with another volunteer. Volunteers are trained by the staff and more experienced volunteers to perform a variety of tasks including ordering and stocking books, processing invoices, tabling at events, writing press releases, designing ads, and helping with fundraising. Working a shift is a great way to become more familiar with the store and people in the community. We depend on shift volunteers to keep the store running on a daily basis. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact ibooks at internationalistbooks dot org
  2. Project Volunteers:
    The Internationalist Bookstore has many opportunities for people who can’t commit to working a shift, but are able to work independently or with a committee on various projects. Our membership and supporters have many skills that they can use to benefit the store. We particularly need people who are interested and/or knowledgeable in the areas of fundraising, financial management, public relations, marketing, and graphic design. We can also use people who like to clean, put up fliers, design window displays, select books for a particular subject area, and table at local events. If you are interested in learning more about current opportunities, contact ibooks at internationalistbooks dot org.
  3. Board Members:
    Board members are responsible for the overall management of the bookstore, including planning, fundraising, financial oversight, setting policies, and supervising hired staff. They are elected each fall at the Member Meeting, and serve two-year, renewable terms. Some board members choose to work weekly shifts, but volunteering at the store is not a requirement. The board meets regularly on a bi-monthly basis, or more frequently as needed, and participates in an annual planning retreat. For more information about the board, please contact ibooks at internationalistbooks dot org

For more information about volunteering, please stop by the store and fill out an application

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