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Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care

selfcarepresentation and discussion:

Friday, January 10, 7 pm, Fellowship Hall, 719 North Mangum, Durham

Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care

In activist circles and beyond, it has become commonplace to speak of self-care, taking for granted that the meaning of this expression is self-evident. But “self” and “care” are not static or monolithic; nor is “health.” How has this discourse been colonized by capitalist values? Contributors to the recent zine Self as Other: Reflections on Self-Care will present on the political dimensions of care, illuminating how it can serve oppressive or revolutionary purposes. Taking the self as an object of political struggle, this discussion will ask how health and resistance are linked, and what forms of care might be be able to subvert systems of power.

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Tar Sands Blockade continues to delay Keystone XL pipeline in Texas – Jail Support Needed

R.C. Saldaña-Flores chained to heavy equipment being used to construct a segment of the pipeline

The pipeline that just wouldn’t die seems to be being built piece by piece, and activists there are risking injury and arrest to stop it.

“I want to be able to tell my children that I did something when the time came. I’m willing to take risks today to raise awareness of this horrible situation – even if that means being away from my children in jail for a day.” – R.C. Saldaña-Flores (pictured here locked down to construction equipment).

The activists participating in the ongoing effort to disrupt, and hopefully stop the pipeline have issued a call for jail support as part of their account of today’s action.

The Keystone XL pipeline has been repeatedly blocked through the courts, environmental review process, and State Department, but construction continues to press on in places. The pipeline would, if completed bring tar sands oil from Alberta, CA down to refineries along the gulf coast of Texas, accelerating environmental damage and contaminating water supplies where the mining takes place, and risking contamination of thousands of miles of pipeline route, including wilderness areas and pristine waterways.




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