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November Reading Group: Living in Climate Chaos

desertLiving in Climate Chaos reading group:

For years we have been hearing that we had only a few years to head-off catastrophic, self-perpetuating climate disruption. This Summer, as half
the country burned and the other half flooded, many of us realized: We have arrived. What does it mean to be an environmentalist, an anti-authoritarian, a person who cares, and stay active while acknowledging that the climate ship has sailed? What doors have closed to us? Have others opened? Can crisis double as opportunity? And our foes; how are they taking advantage of the situation?

Come read and discuss two texts about these subjects with us at Internationalist Books 405 W. Franklin St. at 7pm Mondays through November. Zine Pack available for $5 at Internationalist

7pm 11/4-Desert: Pages 1-30. 7pm 11/11-Desert: Pages 30-55. 7pm
11/18-Storming the Breach.

Texts also available here:



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Earth First! Journal Collective Weekend Tour Aug 16 & 17: Debate & Workshops

brigid2013coverFrom Croatan Earth First!

On Friday August 16th Internationalist Books  in Chapel Hill will host a debate/discussion at 6 p.m. regarding the new zineThe Issues Are Not The Issue” with the author (former EF!er)  and organizers from Everglades & Katuah Earth First!

On Saturday Aug 17th, come out from 2-5 p.m. at Internationalist Bookstore at 405 W. Franklin St. in Chapel Hill for the “Earth Nightly News​​”​ program and Independent Media Workshop with editors from the Earth First! Journal Collective out of Lake Worth, Florida and the Appalachian office in Western NC. Find out how you can get involved in EF! Media projects and more. Participants will discuss where they get their news, which forms are most used, and how under-reported events and organizing can get more attentions through alternative press.

The Earth First! Journal has been a circulating printed newspaper and magazine for over 32 years. As the voice of the international direct action movement, the EF! Journal Collective maintains a number of media projects to help communicate the actions and ecological news to the world. Join us for a presentation, live news program and discussion about reading, writing and producing independent media. Continue reading

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