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November Reading Group: Living in Climate Chaos

desertLiving in Climate Chaos reading group:

For years we have been hearing that we had only a few years to head-off catastrophic, self-perpetuating climate disruption. This Summer, as half
the country burned and the other half flooded, many of us realized: We have arrived. What does it mean to be an environmentalist, an anti-authoritarian, a person who cares, and stay active while acknowledging that the climate ship has sailed? What doors have closed to us? Have others opened? Can crisis double as opportunity? And our foes; how are they taking advantage of the situation?

Come read and discuss two texts about these subjects with us at Internationalist Books 405 W. Franklin St. at 7pm Mondays through November. Zine Pack available for $5 at Internationalist

7pm 11/4-Desert: Pages 1-30. 7pm 11/11-Desert: Pages 30-55. 7pm
11/18-Storming the Breach.

Texts also available here:



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