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Reflections from Revolutionary Egypt, July 11

   Friday, 7/11, 7pm

  Reflections on Revolutionary Egypt


  Poet and nonfiction writer Andy Young, who has been living in Cairo for the past two years, will read from her poems and essays reflecting on revolutionary Egypt


 and share some of her photographs of the street art that reflects the state of resistance on the streets of Cairo.

  Andy Young’s first full-length poetry, collection, All Night it is Morning, is forthcoming from Dialogos Press. Based in New Orleans, she has been working at the American University of Cairo since 2012, but will return to New Orleans Center for Creative Arts this fall. Her translations, essays, and poetry have been published in places such as Los Angeles Review of Books, Callaloo, Guernica, and the Norton anthology Language for a New Century as well as in flamenco plays, a Paul Chan project at the New Museum, and on Public Radio International’s “The World.”


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Tar Sands Blockade continues to delay Keystone XL pipeline in Texas – Jail Support Needed

R.C. Saldaña-Flores chained to heavy equipment being used to construct a segment of the pipeline

The pipeline that just wouldn’t die seems to be being built piece by piece, and activists there are risking injury and arrest to stop it.

“I want to be able to tell my children that I did something when the time came. I’m willing to take risks today to raise awareness of this horrible situation – even if that means being away from my children in jail for a day.” – R.C. Saldaña-Flores (pictured here locked down to construction equipment).

The activists participating in the ongoing effort to disrupt, and hopefully stop the pipeline have issued a call for jail support as part of their account of today’s action.

The Keystone XL pipeline has been repeatedly blocked through the courts, environmental review process, and State Department, but construction continues to press on in places. The pipeline would, if completed bring tar sands oil from Alberta, CA down to refineries along the gulf coast of Texas, accelerating environmental damage and contaminating water supplies where the mining takes place, and risking contamination of thousands of miles of pipeline route, including wilderness areas and pristine waterways.




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