We Might See Printed Books Getting Replaced By E-Books To Educate Students In The Future

The digital age has made a lot of things easier for all of us. The invention of computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones paved the way for faster information processing and dissemination. It is through technology that we are now able to acquire knowledge, whenever and wherever we want it. This is why the purpose of printed textbooks is already being questioned, as those people who have gadgets can just obtain e-books, or electronic books, instead. As we head further into the age of innovation, we might see the traditional physical books fading away and e-books becoming the primary learning resource for students.

E-books As Primary Learning Material For Kids

Many schools have started to use e-books as one of the learning materials for students. Especially for the children, e-books seem to capture the attention of the learners, perhaps due to the fact that they are learning straight from their much-beloved gadgets. It cannot be denied that today’s generation is very fond of gadgets, and you can see many kids glued into their smartphones and tablets all day. However, for the sake of learning, educators need to make sure that the time being spent by the children on their gadgets is not only for fun and games. Thanks to e-books, these devices can now be used for educational purposes. Depending on the type of e-book, learning can be more fun and interactive compared to reading textbooks.

The Pros Of Having E-books Over The Physical Copies

E-books can now be purchased in various websites, and as the majority of the population today owns a gadget, it is believed that physical books will be less preferred. Still, textbooks prevail in schools and public libraries, in spite of the convenience that an e-book has to offer.

One of the advantage of owning an e-book instead of a physical book is that it can save more space in your bags. It is a known fact that physical books are not space efficient, especially those books that are around 400 to 500 pages. It is hard to get these books out of the lockers and into your house everyday, that is why some students prefer to leave them at school. With e-books, students can now do their readings anytime and anywhere, without having to carry some extra pounds of baggage with them.

Another advantage of e-books is the cheaper purchase. Buying textbooks is supposed to be more expensive due to printing and delivery costs. With e-books, there is no need to use hardbound materials and papers to create them. The computerized version of a book can simply be uploaded to a website, where students can order them and download afterwards.

As an example, the popular book series by George R. R. Martin, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, will cost around USD $60 when ordered from Amazon. In contrast, purchasing the e-book version of the novels will only cost USD $22. Just think about all the money you can save from choosing e-books over physical textbooks, and you do not have to worry about shipping. All you need to do is to create an account online and think of a username such as daftar slot joker123, and you are ready to go.

Printed Books Still Have The Edge Over E-books: Texts Are Easier To Comprehend

Educators use modern methods so that their students can learn concepts more easily such as the Carrot and Stick. The key here is that the learners must be able to comprehend details and ideas. This is where the advantage of physical textbooks comes into the picture. Researchers found out that people have more comprehension in reading textbooks. This is because smartphones and tablets give us more distraction, and it will be hard to focus on reading e-books while there are push notifications coming from Facebook and Twitter apps popping out every minutes. Also, children are more tempted into using the gadgets to play mobile games instead of reading e-books. Thus, for the sake of better comprehension, physical textbooks still win as the primary learning material in schools.