With GRRM Still Taking Time To Complete ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ Series, ‘The Winds Of Winter’ Could Be Released In Two Volumes

Avid book readers all over the world are waiting for the much-awaited conclusion of the epic fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Renowned author George R. R. Martin, the genius behind the best-selling books that spawned the highly successful HBO series “Game of Thrones,” has been speculated to drop the sixth “ASOIF” entry, “The Winds of Winter,” very soon. Unfortunately, recent reports hint that the next book will take more time to be released, and it is not likely to be out in 2019.

‘The Winds of Winter’ Is Like Creating ‘A Dozens Novels’

In a recent exclusive interview with Guardian, Martin revealed that he has been struggling all these years to release “The Winds of Winter,” citing the growing popularity of “ASOIAF” series since HBO made a TV series based on his novels. While “Game of Thrones” is expected to end this year after eight seasons, the original material is not going to end anytime soon with Martin having trouble completing “The Winds of Winter.” The sixth book will be the follow-up to 2011’s “A Dance With Dragons,” and readers have been eagerly waiting for several years to see what will happen to their beloved characters.

Sadly, they will have to wait a little bit more for “The Winds of Winter” as Martin considers his next book as “a dozen novels” more than just a single novel. There is a lot of storylines to be incorporated for each main protagonists of the upcoming book, and the high expectation of the fans made Martin pressured to write these storylines as flawless as possible.

Delivering the next chapter of a book series as huge as “A Song of Ice and Fire” will surely take so much time, just like in car shipping when some autos would require effort to be transported from one port to another. Still, the priority should be the quality of the materials that are being delivered.

‘The Winds of Winter’ To Be Divided In Two Volumes?

While Martin gave no specific time table regarding the possible release of “The Winds of Winter,” the fans are already having a debate online on how the book should be launched. Some fans of Reddit raised the idea of releasing the book in two volumes, with the first one hitting the shelves as early as this year. After all, Martin has already shown some chapter previews from the sixth book, which means that almost half of the piece is ready for publishing.

It is interesting that many people would rather see “The Winds of Winter” having two volumes instead of one, which just shows how dedicated they are in reading long materials. Some readers have problems finishing a single book, moreso a series a books, which is why getting motivation to read a book up to its last page is important.

Although, if ever “The Winds of Winter” will be released in two parts, this could also mean that “ASOIAF” will conclude at a much later time. Martin already mentioned that his epic fantasy series will end by the seventh installment, which is tentatively titled “A Dream of Spring.”